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i do not have enough time to do both exam corrections AND study for final.

So I have to decide if I want to save my energy for the final and not do the corrections or if I want to spend all my spoons on corrections and studying and have no spoons for the final? Either way i’m not getting more than a C or D.


Barret by Maybean

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Buffy: Is that why you’re always cleaning your glasses? So you won’t have to see what we’re doing?
Giles: Tell no one.

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i was feeling cynical but then i played with puppy and felt 100%.

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either bastion or one of the borderlands

I keep forgetting about Bastion. I also just started Beyond Good and Evil, so I’ll do that then Bastion and Transistor.

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you could give nwn2 and motb a shot! nwn2 is a solid Generic Fantasy RPG, but good once you get used to the controls etc. motb is amazing. about 70-100 hours of entertainment in those two

I was planning on planning Baldur’s Gate first cus it uses an earlier DnD ruleset and I’m wondering if it’s easier to get into DnD using BG than NWN. The only DnD based game I have played all the way through was Planescape. I’ve also beaten KotOR 1 and 2 which used a modified ruleset for the Star Wars universe.



15 beautiful photos show a side of Pakistan not usually seen in the media

While the media’s portrayal of Pakistan reduces the country’s 179.2 million people to broad-brush stereotypes, the reality is quite different. Here are images that show a side to Pakistan that goes beyond the headlines.

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