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#this is not an exaggeration okay #children do say this #children do wonder why they can’t find themselves in the media #don’t fucking tell me it doesn’t matter #it matters so much #children NEED to see themselves represented #or else they grow up feeling inferior and not worthy

okay, story time: i’m a resident actor a children’s theatre company, and we just did peter pan. i was cast as peter because i’m the only one who looks young enough to play the part; but aside from looking young, i look nothing like peter pan. he’s this little white boy with reddish brown hair and i’m an arab/hispanic queer with black hair and freckles. 

our company has a really devoted following, and these kids are reeeally young. after every show, we do autographs as the characters and have to keep up the act, because to a lot of these really young kids, we are who we pretend to be on stage. that terrified me. i’ve done autograph sessions in-character before, but never as such a well-loved character. who, again, is white. i was worried about what children might say.

over the course of the production, we must have performed for close to 500 kids, between the shows we did for families and the shows we did for school field trips.

and i distinctly remember one little white girl who came up to me with a DVD copy of disney’s peter pan, and she had this adorable tinkerbell dress on, and she just stared at me wide-eyed and after a while she said “i have all your movies!!”

first of all, if you don’t think that’s the cutest thing ever, please leave.

and when i asked her what she wanted me to sign, she handed me her DVD and said “by your face.” and she points right at this little white redheaded peter pan with pointy ears who is clearly not me, as if she can’t tell the difference… or she can, and she doesn’t care. similar things happened with different children, but it never lost its charm for me. on the contrary, it really warmed my heart.

by that same token there were many children of color who were affected by seeing a brown peter pan. a lot of them (usually older children) and/or their parents ask me how i got into acting, and if i had any advice for how to get into it. it meant a lot to me that there’s this whole generation of children of color who are going to pursue the arts, because even though i live in a very diverse area, our theatre landscape is still very whitewashed.

anyway, what i’m trying to say isn’t just that representation matters, which it does. what i’m also trying to say is that one less white face in the crowd isn’t going to hurt anyone. i feel like i’ve heard time and again that white people can only identify with white characters, and the whole point of my story is that that’s obviously not true. that kind of behavior, where people only empathize with characters who look like them, has to be taught. and that kind of behavior is racism.

bolding is mine, because that last bit really knocked it out of the park for me

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well me neither so one of us is gonna have to fuckin compromise


well me neither so one of us is gonna have to fuckin compromise

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I think I like video games a little too much.


the fact that people call Iggy Azalea the Queen of rap (or whatever the fuck her shitty music is) after having like 3 popular songs is a perfect example of white privilege. Singers like Nicki Minaj are amazing and have stayed on top of the game for years but because she’s black, everyone makes fun of the way she talks, the way she dresses, and the way her body is.

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The one on the right looks so upset about this development.

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wolfennights said: I just wanna let you know that the name Crazy Eyes isn't a name that Suzanne uses for herself (as opposed to Taystee). A lot of the fandom, including myself, finds it offensive to refer to someone with a mental illness by a name that is derogatory.


i’ve actually never saw anyone say anything like that.. i put names/nicknames for EVERYONE that they’re most known for. do you see everyone in the jail calling her suzanne? what i made wasn’t supposed to be all of their real names. yoga jones, black cindy, big boo, pornstache… those are all not their REAL names. part of me gets where you’re coming from but you’re also really annoying because the post was their nicknames and real names so don’t get butthurt that i gave her the name that the show gave her

#literally no one has bitched about it so

These two posts beg to differ.


No, people in the jail don’t call her Suzanne. That’s part of the problem. Even if you don’t believe her name is a slur, the word is always used to describe people with mental illness negatively. You wouldn’t call a real life person by that nickname just because everyone else was using it, especially if you knew that name upset that person. The names that Big Boo and Black Cindy use are names they use to describe themselves. Pornstache is scum and deserves to be shamed. Suzanne does not.

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Bashing an entire group of people because someone who wronged you shares a characteristic with those people is not venting.

To add further, coming up with any excuse to hate an entire group of people, no matter who they are, and excusing it as venting isn’t actually venting, it’s just looking for an excuse to justify you being a bigoted asshole.

I was actually thinking about this just now. I’ve run into too many people, both online and in real life, that hide behind “venting” just so they can excuse themselves from being as toxic and outright violent to the group of people they hate.

It ends up creating a toxic environment where you either end up putting up with it and drive yourself down mentally until you can’t take it anymore [and I’ve been through this a lot and it’s not something I would wish on anyone] or if you’re lucky, you manage to get out of there and find some fresh air to breathe in.

And I’ve kinda “vented” like this too, though it’s less against a group of people and more towards myself, but even that type of venting can be very toxic and you’ll end up lashing out at people who care for you. I’ve done it plenty of times and it’s something that I’ve pretty much had to take responsibility of because in the end, it wasn’t their fault. They weren’t the ones that were responsible for me feeling this way.

But where else can you vent, you may ask? I honestly don’t know. I’m sure it helps to have someone who isn’t judgmental and is willing to help you, but in the end if you’re not willing to accept that your venting maybe toxic in itself, if you’re not willing to accept the fact that people can pretty much leave you for their own sanity when you start venting toxic, well that’s not much I can say.

I know I kinda went off topic here but I just hate seeing this sort of behavior being excused. Maybe it’s because I’m just so fucking tired of negativity in general and being around it all the time. Maybe I’m just getting too old for these type of things, and it’s not like I don’t have reasons for this type of “venting.”

But enough is enough y’know? There are just some behaviors you see in life that just gives out a huge warning sing that nothing good will come. These are one of them and seeing this sort of behavior encouraged just really disturbs me. Especially as someone who has had to work through these sort of issues in the past, it just kinda makes me say, why bother working hard trying to be a decent person when everybody else is and their mother are seemingly doing fine being emotionally manipulative assholes?

I don’t know.

SJers aren’t mad at white people and cis people just because they just so happen to be white or cis, they’re mad because the person’s whiteness or being cis puts them in a place of privilege where they are safe from the things that SJers are venting about. Like the person who responded said, where else ARE SJ bloggers supposed to vent? If someone venting about white people or cis people causes you anxiety you are free to leave their blog or unfollow. But think about the reasons WHY they’re venting about white people or cis people. People of color and trans people don’t hate white people or cis people because it’s fun. And it’s not just one white person or cis person that wronged them, it’s a society run by white cis people that upholds whiteness and cisnormativity.

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"I fucked up, guys. I fucked up."

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Martha Jones character meme

One crowning moment of awesome: The Woman who Walked the Earth.

My heroine, my queen, my dear lady, my role model.

It is always time to love on Martha Jones.

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