So glad to know I am basically Armin, Willow, Abed, Spencer Reid, Twilight Sparkle, Data, and Geordi according to TVTropes.


if u know ur myers briggs personality type please check this out it is literally the coolest thing ever 

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever had a gay or trans friend in real life? Or do you just like to rant on the Internet about it?

1) my brother is gay.
2) many of the people’s blogs I follow on tumblr are members of all sorts of marginalized groups, and the internet is part of the real world.
3) knowing someone in person, if that’s what you mean, shouldn’t be a prerequisite for showing basic human decency towards them.

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This blog post is all about Half Life 3 and leading up to it/where it could go

it’s a very interesting read but the design of the site/post is absolutely stunning, I LOVE it

Really interesting read. My HL followers should give it a look.

I’m sorry, but I am way too enamored by a different pic popping up everytime I scroll down.

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Trans women do not have “male privilege” and wanting their existence to be respected isn’t “male entitlement.”

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Puppet!Angel glaring violently at a kids TV program telling him to believe in himself is the funniest thing.

landofstarsandrobots asked: I don't think any studies have been done on whether or not heterosexuality exists. There's no proof.

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